Group | Huajian Aluminum Group sends blessings to non local employees who are staying for the Chinese New Year

Release time:2022.02.10



  On January 28th, the 26th day of the twelfth lunar month, entrusted by the leaders of the group, Zhang Haoran, the deputy secretary of the group party committee, and relevant personnel brought holiday gifts to the apartment buildings of employees in various factory areas of the group, bringing holiday greetings and New Year's blessings to everyone.

  The Spring Festival is approaching, and the epidemic situation is still complex. The safety chord cannot be relaxed. In order to consolidate the hard-earned achievements in the fight against the epidemic and maintain a safe and stable development environment, some employees voluntarily give up holiday rest and stick to the forefront of production and operation day and night, faithfully fulfill their duties and selflessly contribute; Some employees actively respond to the government's call, voluntarily giving up the opportunity to return to their hometown for Chinese New Year reunion, staying for the holidays and jointly sticking to them. In the history of the group's development, every moment of your silent dedication will be recorded, and Huajian people will praise you!

  Here, we offer our deepest greetings and best wishes to you and your loved ones. Congratulations to everyone: your health is thriving, your work is thriving, your family is prosperous, and everything is thriving!